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Things to look for when buying winter boots

Things to look for when buying winter boots

Winter… like it or hate it comes every year and always seems to catch us by surprise.  Here’s a few things to look for when buying winter boots to help you choose the best preforming winter footwear. With a little preparation ideally before there we get our 1st major snow storm it will make a lot more enjoyable.  But if your like most of us and wait until the very last minute to pull out your winter gear we will be here to help.  We hope these 5 tips on choosing the best winter boots will help.

Waterproof & Breathable

Wet feet = cold feet
If your feet are wet they will get cold.  Pretty well all boots that are waterproof will be labeled as such. Not all linings are created equal your waterproof lining should also be breathable in order to wick moisture away from your feet and keep water out.

Quality Linings

Look for names such as “Thinsulate™” “Thermolite”, and Polartech.  Wool linings are also great choices.  These types of linings are great for trapping body heat while allowing moisture to escape to keep your boots, and feet dry.

Comfort Ratings (Temperature Ratings)

Boots that are tested will usually have the listed comfort level. This type of “test” is done at a moderate activity level, keeping that in mind this will vary from person to person. Wool linings are often not “rated,”yet they can still be very warm and breathable.  This is where a knowledgeable salesperson can assist you in finding the best choice and/or option that will meet your needs and wants.


Sizing, Fit, and Height

Once you have found the right boot to meet your needs and wants. Your boots should allow for slight amount of space in order to allow for air circulation and possibility a bit thicker sock in the colder temperatures. Most importantly make sure you feel comfortable in your footwear, walk around with them on in the store, and try a few pairs on, making sure you like the style, fit and comfort of your selected choice.

**remember not one boot will do it all – an ice fishing boot will not perform well in the office.


Inspect the boot for workmanship everything should look in order.

  • Does the stitching look like it was completed at the highest quality.
  • Are the insoles place correctly.
  • Linings should be neat and tidy.
  • Soles should be attached securely with glue, stitching, or both.

Something to keep in mind is that winter is hard on any type of footwear. The best advice is to buy a style that you like, will perform well in the activities that you prefer, and most importantly are at the best quality, which will last. The most frustrating thing would be to have your boots last halfway through the winter, as  finding a replacement that your happy with may not be an easy task as many styles become sold out fairly quickly.

These important yet simple steps will help you to make the best informed decisions regarding your winter footwear. You will find that winter will be more enjoyable and your feet will be much happier.

This is the way we recommend when each for things to look for when buying winter boots.  We hope you contact us today!