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Quality Footwear and Customer Service in North Bay

Quality Footwear and Customer Service in North Bay

At Dawson Shoes in North Bay, we sell only recognized, quality footwear that is well made by respected brands.
We pride ourselves in quality footwear and customer service in North Bay.

Let’s start with our products first.

Why does quality footwear matter? Lots of reasons!

Let’s look at a few…

  • You get what you pay for, and that means you’ll get better quality footwear materials that look better, and last longer.
  • It’s often found to be cheaper to get one high-quality pair of shoes, that will outlast two or more pairs with a cheaper price (and the cheaper materials that come with that price).
  • Well made shoes or boots not only support and protect your feet with comfort and style, but they can also adapt to your foot because they’re made to do that. The level of workmanship just doesn’t come with bargain-basement shoes from a dollar store bin.

Now that we’ve established there’s value in the well made, high-quality brands of footwear carried at Dawson Shoes in North Bay, let’s talk about the shopping experience.

We are not a chain store, we’re a family-owned business with a great reputation in North Bay and area, and that’s in large part due to our renowned customer service.

Our staff is knowledgeable about the benefits of high-quality footwear and also in helping you understand the best fit for your feet. In fact, we’ve had shoppers who discover they’re not the size they thought they were, or that wider shoes are more comfortable for them, all because of our staff’s attention to detail as part of the customer service experience they provide.

Another great perk of our service is our rewards program – buy five pairs of shoes at regular price, and get the sixth pair at half price!

Overall, we believe we’ve had such loyal clients for over three decades because we offer popular brand names, and exceed expectations when it comes to customer service. We strive to make each shopper feel as special as they are to us.

Essentially, Dawson Shoes’ success in North Bay comes from our ability to keep a step ahead of the competition with service, comfort, quality and selection.

Stop in and you’ll see what we mean about quality footwear and customer service in North Bay.

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